Senior Shoots

We strive to make each senior shoot unique and personalized to the individual. If we have to travel or brainstorm with you, we will. A mixture of differing styles gets a wider range of photos within each session.

Included when you are a 451photos senior

     - Expect 2-3 (or more if needed) hours with whatever outfit changes fit the session. If we need to change locations or there are issues, we can work out the details. We aren't watching the time, we are busy taking  pictures.

     - Password protected folder to view the best photos from the shoot, already edited, uploaded for review. Updates are made, as needed.

     - A set number of full version downloads of your choice, ten for girls and six for guys. This lets you look through the photos and pick your favorites without feeling pressured into packages.

     - Prints and downloads are available to purchase. No pressure or set packages. The pictures are there for the viewing and aren't expected to go anywhere. View them whenever you want.

     - The prints and costs aim to be reasonable. Our senior model's folders are open for viewing. You'll see pricing for ordering and can see how we shoot. Their price list is the same as yours will be.

A few rules:

     1. Have fun. No stress. 

     2.  Let's be creative. If there is a special place or memory we can incorporate then we'll find out how we can. Just let us know.

     3. Nothing risque. This rule is to reassure the parents of a potential client. As parents ourselves, we understand.

     4. Bring a parent/grandparent/guardian. This experience is as much for them as it is for you.

Bonus stuff? Ok!

Quick shoots are added throughout the year and are offered free (or with a nominal fee for the venue) to our seniors. This is a fun and easy way to add to the pile and pictures are sent to the senior without counting towards their overall package total. This is for fun and details change every year.

Interested? Questions or comments? Email us or send a message via IG/FB messenger and we'll go from there.

Thanks in advance, Jason and Heather.

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